New Student Account Creation

Once the student logon account is obtained, it will provide access to the UMES Network allowing access to various software packages, applications and e-mail. Additionally, with this account you are given access to log in to the computers in the IT supported academic computer labs.

Accounts are generally created and ready for use in 15-30 minutes. If an account was not generated or login is not working, please come to the IT Help Desk in Waters Hall or call x8324 (TECH) on-campus or 410-651-8324 off-campus for further information. We also provide information at our IT Public Knowledge Base that can be helpful for solving technical issues.

To begin, please enter the following required information:

Student ID
Help with Student ID Number
Last Name
Have a hyphenated name, or a name suffix (Junior or III)?

If you already have an account, please continue on to myUMES